Photo Microsensor

  • EE-SX97[]

    Built-in connector enables downsizing and easier connection. Protective circuit for safe operation. • A built-in connector minimizes the shape and dimensional requirements. • Two outputs: light-ON and dark-ON. • Complete lineup including seven different shapes. • Safer operation with built-in power supply reverse polarity protection. • Output overcurrent protection with a thermal shutdown circuit (patent pending). • The indicator can be seen from many directions to enable installation in more locations. • Connector with lock that mates with commercially available connectors.

  • EE-SY67[]

    Photomicrosensor with sensitivity adjuster. • Easy adjustment with a built-in sensitivity adjuster. • Easy optical axis monitoring with a bright light indicator. • Compact design incorporating a built-in amplifier and special IC enables direct switching capacity of up to 100 mA. • Wide operating voltage range: 5 to 24 VDC • Connection possible with a range of ICs, relays, and Programmable Controllers (PLCs).