• E3NC-S

    A Ultra-compact CMOS Laser Sensor for Stable Detection without the Influence of Workpiece Color, Material, or Surface Conditions • Dynamic range of 500,000 times for stable detection without influence from changes in workpieces. • The industry’s smallest CMOS laser head* for installation into small spaces. • Distance discrimination enables stable detection of level differences as small as 1.5 mm. • Robot cable for reliable application in adverse environments and IP67 protection. • Laser Class 1 for safe application. • White on black display characters for high visibility. • Smart Tuning to achieve stable detection with easy setup.

  • E3T

    The Improved E3T Series with Easier, Smoother Mounting and Installation • Newly added Through-beam, Long-distance (2 m) Sensors (E3T-ST3@). • Easy installation with M3-mounting Sensors (E3T-ST@@M, E3T-FD@@M, and E3T-SL@@M). • Small Cylindrical Sensors for one-point mounting also added to the Series. (E3T-C@@@(S)).

  • E3Z

    The New Standard for Compact, Long-range Photoelectric Sensors Conserves Energy and Natural Resources ■ Long sensing distance of 15 m for Through-beam Models, 4 m for Retro-reflective Models, and 1 m for Diffusereflective Models. ■ Unique algorithm minimizes external interference from inverter fluorescent lighting. ■ Conserves energy and represents ongoing efforts aimed at eliminating materials containing lead. ■ Provides a high degree of protection (IP67), IP67f oil resistance, mutual interference prevention, and EN standard compliance. ■ Mechanical axis and optical axis offset always less than ±2.5° greatly simplifies optical axis alignment.

  • E3Z-B

    Photoelectric Sensor with Built-in Amplifier for Detecting Transparent PET Bottles ■ Uses OMRON’s unique optical system (“Inner View”) that can detect various shapes of PET bottles and transparent objects. ■ Detects a wide range of bottles from 500-ml bottles to 2-l bottles, and from single bottles to sets of stocked bottles. ■ Provides a high degree of protection (IP67), mutual interference protection function, and CE Marking as standard features (for all Sensors in E3Z Series).

  • E3Z-G

    Grooved-type Photoelectric Sensor ■ Grooved design eliminates the need for optical axis adjustment. ■ Two-axis models also available. ■ Ideal for detection and positioning for cranes and conveyor systems in automated warehouses.

  • E3Z-L

    Compact and Reliable Laser Photoelectric Sensor • Safety and reliability with laser class 1 (JIS and IEC). • Product lineup includes models with distance setting without influence of color. • Maximum ambient operating temperature of 55°C and waterproof construction in E3Z class.

  • E3Z-LL/LR/LT

    Laser Photoelectric Sensor ■ Optical Customization ■ Superior Quality and Realiability ■ All models provide the safety and peace of mind of laser Class 1 (JIS and IEC)

  • E3Z-LS

    Reliable Detection of Glossy, Uneven Objects Regardless of Background or Color. • Switching between background and foreground suppression (BGS/ FGS) enables detecting a variety of objects under various background/foreground conditions. • Unique algorithm minimizes external interference from inverter fluorescent lighting. • Minimal differential travel to enable detecting small steps. • Provides a high degree of protection (IP67), mutual interference prevention, and EN standard compliance.