Photo Microsensor



Photomicrosensor with built-in amplifier and attached cable reduces external light interference. • Light modulation effectively reduces external light interference. • Wide operation voltage range: 5 to 24 VDC • Easy operation monitoring with bright light indicator

Brief Desription
Brief Desription
EE-SPX302-W2A 1M

F-Shaped, 3.6mm, NPN, Dark-ON

EE-SPX304-W2A 1M

R-Shaped, 3.6mm, NPN, Dark-ON

EE-SPX305-W2A 1M

L-Shaped, 5mm, NPN, Dark-ON

EE-SPX306-W2A 1M

Standard, 3.6mm, NPN, Dark-ON

EE-SPX402-W2A 1M

F-Shaped, 3.6mm, NPN, Light-ON

EE-SPX404-W2A 1M

R-Shaped, 3.6mm, NPN, Light-ON

EE-SPX405-W2A 1M

L-Shaped, 5mm, NPN, Light-ON

EE-SPX406-W2A 1M

Standard, 3.6mm, NPN, Light-ON