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Enerwise Solutions Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of data logger, control units and measurement devices. Founded in 2010, Enerwise Solutions Ltd has sold more than 670MW of renewable energy monitoring and control solutions. In 2013, our team launched one of the world’s leading Solar Operation & Maintenance CLOUD portals with advanced documentation and ticketing systems.

Enerwise mission is to ¬†reduce complexity, reduce time consumed and reduce cost.their biggest task is to provide a product with powerful building blocks that let’s their clients create any applications for any markets. Yet keeping the product as simple as possible

Enerwise is originally based in Hong Kong, during the years we have expanded our sales & technical support offices throughout Asia with the largest sales region in Tokyo, Japan. The management team has 15+ years experience in Energy Management System, Monitoring & Control and Data Analysis Systems. Our Japanese manufacturing partner guards our product quality with excellent QC experience of over 50 years in PCBA assembly.


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