Commissioning Large-Scale Facilities with Omron’s G70V I/O Relay Terminal

Many self-standing control panels are installed in large-scale production lines. As facilities become more advanced, these panels require more parts, driving up the effort required for wiring and the time required for retightening screws before and after shipping.

Reducing effort by simplifying wiring of a large number of devices


Traditional wiring methods require wiring of as many relay terminal blocks and power supplies as there are relays, consuming not only effort but considerable space as well.


The G70V I/O Relay Terminal not only saves space but also eliminates the need to connect relay terminal blocks with relays and relays with power lines, reducing wiring and thus the effort it requires.


Omrons unique Push-In Plus Terminal Blocks make wiring fast and easy for anyone

Wiring time comparison

Vibration-resistant terminal connection, no retightening necessary

wiring time comparison

Omrons Value Design for Panel devices use Push-In Plus Terminal Blocks, which dramatically reduce wiring effort compared to the traditional screw terminal blocks


The Push-In Plus Terminal Block delivers greater tensile strength than screw terminal blocks, with no screws to retighten before or after equipment shipping. Its design has been proven to withstand long-term use.

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