Success story: Industrial IoT for Commercial Building


Customer is the owner of a commercial building 


No tracking of energy resources usage
Customer need to manually track and record water and energy meters. If there is a sudden increase in consumption bill, the customer face an issue of not knowing what triggered the increase. To make matters worse, there is a lack of consumption data and historical data of the meters cannot be stored. 

Rising resources cost
Operational and energy cost is rising, customer is challenged to reduce operational expense. Also, customer needed a new system to pinpoint energy and water consumption and reduce wastage. 

Solution Implementation:

IIoT Monitoring Solution
Through our consultation with our customer. We designed an IIoT (Industrial Internet of Thing) Monitoring Solution for them to monitor water consumption, energy reading and electricity usage (kwh). Together with our reliable partners, we retrofitted the buildings with modern water meters and digital meters and connect them with mini-SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition). The end result is a smart and reliable monitoring solution, complete with comprehensive data logging, dashboard visualisation and remote access capability.

Dashboard visualisation
Through our solution, customer has easy web-based access to manage, report and monitor resources and utilities. The dashboard is configured to portray clear visualisations of utilities consumption, the trending usage data and details are also stored in a digital repository system for easy retrieval. Maintenance team leverage on the consumption data to pinpoint areas of improvement.

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