Success story: Cobot & AIV for Processing Plant


Customer is a prominent market leader in the field of wafer fabrication processing plant.


Tedious and repetitive process tasks
Most of the tasks in the processing plants involve very repetitive tasks. If the processing plant has to meet the production quota of 10000 items per day, you can imagine the production crew working on the given task for countless times a day. Repeat that for 5 to 6 days a week, 52 weeks in a year and that is a lot of repetitive strain. Besides human fatigue and human error, there are times that call for overtime production which make matters worse. That is when Collaborative robots come into place and help the worker to do the job better and be more efficient.

Solution Implementation:

Omron Cobot Pick & Place Application
After surveying the production site to understand the production process, our experienced engineering team worked with strategic partners and implemented the Omron Cobot & AIV (Automated Intelligent Vehicle) system for the processing floor. The production team is happy to work in collaboration with Omron Cobot for pick and place application. One of the key advantages of Omron Cobot is the built-in vision to guide the object detection using Omron software without the need to integrate third party vision systems or software.

Omron AIV System
The AIV then facilitates the repetitive task of transporting the packaged goods between production floor. Efficiency is optimized as each AIV is programmed to 10 machines. Our Cobot & AIV system also incorporates a safety laser scanner (Omron OS32-C) to detect perimeter intrusion so that the robot can stop immediately if there is any safety lapse.