LKH Precicon Participation in Blancpain’s Ocean Commitment Program

Blancpain recently supported a scientific expedition around Bali, led by Unseen Expeditions’s team of scientific deep divers in collaboration with local scientists from Udayana University as part of its Ocean Commitment program. 

In this program, an oceanography team was tasked to collect oceanographic data such as temperature, depth, and salinity of the water. While both shallow and deep dive teams survey the depth range to find out about the fish species involving the emblematic Bumphead Sunfish cleaning events, all information related to the surrounding environment and any special sighting such as dolphins and sharks were also part of the research efforts.

LKH Precicon is delighted to be part of this expedition in helping the marine team achieve their research objectives. The crew used Onset’s HOBO Water Level logger for saltwater deployment for recording water levels and temperatures in wetlands and tidal areas. The data logger features high accuracy at a great price and HOBO ease-of-use, with no cumbersome vent tubes or desiccants to maintain.

Another equipment that the crew uses is the new HOBO MX2200 Series water temperature logger. It brings convenient wireless setup and download to Onset’s field-proven TidbiT water temp loggers. These new models feature the power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to deliver high-accuracy temperature measurements straight to your iOS or Android mobile device without the need to take a laptop or shuttle into the field!

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These scientific data collected will be used by the local authorities to constantly improve the management of Marine Protected Areas around Bali.

Find out more about the scientific expedition around Bali here.

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