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    Omron NX1P

    Omron NX1P Machine Automation Controller

    Omron NX1P is a compact entry-level controller of the Sysmac
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    Omron CJ2H

    Omron CJ2H CPU Units

    Flagship PLCs with Built-in Multifunctional Ethernet Port Small, Fast, Flexible:
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    Omron CJ2M

    Omron CJ2M Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

    Since 2001, CJ1M-series PLCs are in control of a wide
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    Omron CS1D

    Omron CS1D Duplex System (Programmable Logic Controller)

    Omron has packed its proven duplex PLC technology into the
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    Omron CS1G

    Omron CS1G Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

    High Performance Ultimate Controller Performance In order to create facilities
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    Omron H3JA

    Omron H3JA Solid-state Timer

    Economical, Compact, Plug-in Timer Time limit operation with automatic resetting
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    Omron H3Y

    Omron H3Y Solid-state Timer

    Miniature Timer Compatible with the MY Relay Semi-multi power supply
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