Omron FH Vision System

OMRON’s FH Vision System is specifically intended for seamless integration with PLCs, motion controllers, and robotics to meet the diverse needs of builders of high-speed manufacturing machinery. The system also offers flexibility for easy customization of HMI PC-based vision systems.

1. Compact Design

  • Designed to embed directly into the machine/robot equipment.

2. Powerful Performance

  • High-speed image acquisition and transfer; multi-camera bus connection enables fast transfer of high resolution images from up to 4 cameras
  • Independent high-speed and parallel image processing works with the 4-core CPU
  • Built-in EtherCAT communication enables high-speed output to PLC

3. Precision Tuning Capability

  • Non-operator-dependent calibration function ensures accurate motion control output of vision system results to the PLC, motion controller, or robot
  • Stability of settings and reliability of detection is significantly improved for higher precision and accuracy at high speeds

4. Flexibility

  • NPN and PNP output
  • Choice of 0.3M, 2M and 4M pixel resolution high-speed cameras
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The FH system is capable of controlling up to 4 different high-resolution camera operations simultaneously with one controller. Advances in image acquisition speed, measurement speed, image transfer, and data output communication speed distinguish OMRON’s FH-Series vision systems from all other options in the machine vision market.