Omron K3HB-R

Digital Rotary Pulse Meter Capable of 50 kHz Measurements
Visual confirmation of judgement results through display colors that switch between red and green.
Measures High-speed Pulses at 50 kHz. Provides high-speed pulse measurements up to 50 kHz of rotary encoder or ON/OFF pulse signals and can perform rotating measurement of high-speed rotating objects. Note: No-voltage contacts of up to 30 Hz are supported.
Six Measurement Operations Including Rotation (rpm)/Circumferential Speed, Ratio, and Cumulative One Rotary Pulse Meter has 6 rotary pulse measurement functions to support a variety of pulse measurement applications. Select the best function for your application from the following: Rotation (rpm)/circumferential speed/instantaneous flowrate (value proportional to frequency), absolute ratio, error ratio, error, flow rate ratio, and passing speed (value inversely proportional to frequency).
DeviceNet models added to the series.

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