Omron K6CM Motor Condition Monitoring Device 

Omron K6CM motor condition motoring device. Quantifying the status of a three-phase induction motor. No need for time-consuming patrol inspection or manual labour.

  • Applicable in environment with inverters
  • Prioritize maintenance inspections
  • Monitor up to 10 motors remotely using the included PC monitoring software
  • Clamp-type CT which is easy to install on existing equipment
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Omron K6CM Motor Condition Monitoring Device takes the burden of monitoring motors off maintenance engineers. Motors can be maintained in advance of failure due to deterioration. K6CM (comprehensive current diagnosis type) can consistently monitor motor conditions by observing the current waveform of the motor. Additionally, you can understand the motor’s maintenance timing without depending on excessive manual inspection because K6CM provides threshold value setting. Alarm will be triggered once threshold value is exceeded.

Introducing Omron K6CM Motor Condition Monitoring Device 

Key Features of our Omron K6CM Product Range

  • K6CM CI monitors motor and load abnormalities through degradation level with comprehensive current diagnosis type. When a load abnormality occurs, the current waveform of the motor changes, which allows the load abnormality to be detected.
  • K6CM-VB monitors bearing abnormalities through vibration and temperature. By constantly monitoring for vibrations, it can detect signs of abnormalities in bearings and the like as soon as possible. The surface temperature of the routinely inspected motor can be measured at the same time as vibrations.
  • K6CM-IS 3 constantly monitors the insulation resistance. With conventional products, measurement with a Megger Tester was necessary to check for insulation degradation. K6CM-IS can be used to perform this inspection during operation, making it possible to constantly monitor degradation trends while reducing the burden on the maintenance personnel.