Omron OS32C Safety Laser Scanner

Compact (104.5 mm), lightweight (1.3 kg) and easy-to-install Safety Laser Scanner

  • Provides a safety circuit of PLd/Safety Category 3 (ISO13849-1) without a dedicated controller.
  • Type 3 Safety Laser Scanner complies with IEC61496-1/-3.
  • 70 sets of safety zone and warning zone combinations are available, supporting complicated changes in working environments.
  • A safety radius up to 4 m and warning zone(s) radius up to 15 m can be set.
  • The minimum object resolution can be changed to 30, 40, 50 or 70 mm.
  • The response time is configurable from 80 ms to a maximum of 680 ms.
  • Reference Boundary Monitoring function prevents unauthorized changes in the scanner position.
  • Minimal down time, sensor block can be replaced without the need to reprogram.


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The Omron OS32C series is a compact and versatile safety laser scanner designed for easy handling and installation. It has a low profile and lightweight body allows installation in small spaces. Whereas, the 270° detection angle provides total coverage of two sides with just one laser scanner. The user can set up to 70 combinations for complex AGV applications, each with one safety zone and two warning zones. You can set these two warning zones to support various purposes such as warning sound and speed control. in addition, the reference boundary monitoring function supports intrusion detection without physically blocking the entrance. Also, various operation patterns can be supported by switching zone sets.