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Socomec Countis E Series

Socomec Countis E Series is a complete range of energy meters to meet your new requirements with MID certification.

The Countis Series is a modular energy meter displaying the energies (kWh, kVArh and kVA) and other measurements directly on its backlit LCD display. It is designed for three-phase networks and allows a direct connection of up to 80 A.


RS485 (MODBUS), M-BUS, Ethernet communication or pulse outputs

To easily centralise your consumption, Countis E2x devices have either one pulse output, one RS485 (MODBUS), M-BUS or an Ethernet Modbus TCP communication output. With RS485 communication models, you can configure your meters remotely.


Lets you assign different time slots (every hour, dip times) or different sources (normal, back-up) to your energy readings to monitor your energy consumption in more detail.

MID certified B+D module

Countis E units comply with the MID directive to guarantee accuracy and reliability when metering, compulsory for energy billing applications. “Module B+D” certification guarantees that the design and manufacturing process of products are approved by an accredited laboratory.

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