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Werma KS 72 Modular Signal Tower

WERMA KS 72 (KombiSIGN 72) is a revolutionary modular signal tower. Unlike conventional signaling devices, KombiSIGN 72 combines the highest level of flexibility (modular, twin elements), the best visibility from all positions (OmniVIEW), and simple hassle-free installation. For system integration, the Signal Towers can easily be retrofitted with SmartMONITOR for a complete tower light monitoring solution.

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Werma KS72 Key Benefits – There is no need to compromise with the KombiSIGN 72, this product combines quick installation, excellent visibility and the highest level of flexibility. This saves time and money with regard to installation and order logistics.

  • Quality product, proudly made in Germany
  • Smooth surfaces prevent dirt gathering and make cleaning easy
  • Easy, intuitive installation – incorrect assembly is practically impossible (Poka Yoke)
  • High-tech: the Signal Towers can easily be retrofitted with SmartMONITOR (smart MDE alternative) or AndonSPEED (call for action system)
  • TwinLIGHT and TwinFLASH combine two easily selectable light effects in one element
  • In ClassicLOOK or DesignLOOK to suit all machine surfaces
  • Clearly visible from all positions thanks to the OmniVIEW lens with no blind spots
  • Completely pre-assembled standard versions are available (common configurations as a complete tower with a single part number)

Introducing Werma KS72 Signal Tower Light

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