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DH-Robotics (CG Series) – Three-Finger Centric Electric Gripper

The CG series three-finger centric electric gripper independently developed by DH-Robotics is a great soultion to grip cylindrical workpiece. The CG series is available in a variety of models for a variety of scenarios, stroke and end devices.

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Product Features

High performance

Realize high-precision centering and grasping, the process structure meets the requirements of high rigidity, and the energy density exceeds that of similar products.

Long Lifetime

Continuous and stable work above 10 millions times without maintenance.

Overload protection

The high-performance servo motor can provide instantaneous overload protection.

More features

  • Integrated design
  • Adjustable parameters
  • Fingertips can be replaced
  • Self-locking
  • Smart feedback
  • IP67
  • IP40
  • CE certification
  • FCC certification
  • RoHS certification