Omron G5 Lite AC Servomotors

Industry’s Fastest Servomotor! High-speed Communication via EtherCAT Communications. Real-time Autotuning and Advanced Vibration Control.

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Speed Response Frequency of 2 kHz

Speed response is representative of servo system characteristics. In the G5, the industry’s fastest response has been achieved at 2 kHz. By improving the speed response by twice compared to previous OMRON models, the stabilization time has been shortened and this contributes to tact time reduction.

Maximum rotation speed : 6,000 r/min*

The maximum rotation speed of R88M-series Servomotors has increased to 6,000 r/min, resulting in high-speed positioning that can reduce tact time.
*Applicable to 100 V/200 V models with 750 W or less.

Featuring a 20-bit high-resolution incremental encoder

High-precision positioning can be achieved with the built-in encoder, 8 times the resolution of previous OMRON models at 20 bits.

Pulse input response frequency: 4 Mpps

The Servo Drive response to command pulses is 4 Mpps, twice that of previous OMRON models. Response delays are thus reduced enabling high-speed and high-precision positioning.

Improved vibration control function

With the vibration control function, if the tip of the device is vibrating, the vibration frequency can be set to remove the vibration. It can also be used to suppress vibration resulting from starting and stopping the device, allowing precise movement.