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Schneider Electric PowerTag Energy Sensors

Wireless energy sensor

Part of PowerLogic

Introducing PowerTag®, a Class 1 wireless power sensor that measures energy and power in real-time. With alerts sent directly to your smartphone in the event of downtime, it enables you to make sure your business runs smoothly whilst staying fully connected.

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PowerTag Energy is an energy sensor that monitors and accurately measures current, voltage, power, power factor, energy, and wirelessly communicates these data via a gateway. Use energy more efficiently and economically on all electrical loads, from the main incomer down to load level.

PowerTag Energy Rope can be installed easily on busbars and cables without having to disconnect the conductors. Its removable spring connector for voltage picking facilitates its installation, and the module can be mounted on a DIN rail or with rackets to fit wherever it is needed in a panel.

Four ratings are available: 200 A, 600 A, 1000 A, 2000 A.

Values measured in accordance with the IEC 61557-12 standard:


  • Active energy received/delivered (Class 1), total and partial (kWh)
  • Reactive energy received/delivered, total and partial (kVARh)
  • Apparent energy, total and partial (kVAh)


  • Phase-to-neutral and phase-to-phase voltage (V)
  • Current per phase (A)
  • Power factor
  • Active power, total and per phase (W)
  • Reactive power, total and per phase (VAR)
  • Apparent power, total and per phase (VA)
  • Frequency (Hz) Alarm
  • Voltage loss


Using PowerTag Energy in conjunction with Wiser Energy, our smart home solution (app and IP module), you can:

  • Measure energy consumption and production.
  • Optimise energy usage.
  • Receive real-time notifications and alarms in case of any electrical system anomalies.
  • Control the dedicated load for on- and off-switching.

Small Business

Using PowerTag Energy as part of the EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert for Small Business solution featuring the Facility Expert SB app and Acti9 PowerTag Link C, you can monitor business-critical equipment 24/7:

  • Receive alarms in case of power shut-offs, as well as pre-alarms in advance of overload-tripping threats.
  • Set schedules to automatically switch loads on or off.
  • Monitor energy consumption, as well as a breakdown by usage.
  • Compare energy usage per period to help reduce energy consumption.
  • Maintain uptime and reduce the risks associated with refrigeration, ventilation, ovens, compressors, and data processors – ideal for small business owners of restaurants, convenience stores and bakeries.


PowerTag Energy can be connected to EcoStruxure solutions or to any other building monitoring systems (BMS) or SCADA systems. It allows facility managers to carry out simple and efficient actions to improve their electrical installation and critical applications with:

  • Generic and configurable alarms.
  • Energy monitoring – total consumption and breakdown by usage, for sub-billing management.
  • Load operating time counter for preventive maintenance.
  • Load management with pre-alarms.

Industrial Sites

Use PowerTag Energy as part of the EcoStruxure Plant & Machine solution featuring Harmony Hub concentrator to digitise your production line and improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE) with computed data and measure:

  • Active Power per phase
  • L-N Voltages
  • Current per phase

When associated with digital services of the EcoStruxure platform (such as AVEVA Insight software, Augmented Operator Advisor application or Maintenance Advisor software), you can benefit from other advanced services.

Introducing PowerTag