Highly Secured Blockchain Traceability Solution

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LKH Blockchain Traceability

End-to-End Highly Secured Blockchain Traceability Solution

LKH Precicon and Omron have collaborated to provide a blockchain product traceability solution to support the industry 4.0 transformation journey for a wide range of industries, such as the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industry in Singapore. With the combined strengths of each organization, the solution provides a total end-to-end solution that is scalable and tailored to your needs. Book your appointment for a FREE demo now.

LKH Precicon will be providing a blockchain product traceability solution to support your industry 4.0 transformation journey

Inspect, Read & Verify

  • All Data sharing/carrier technologies
  • Wide range of vision systems from code readers, vision controllers to Smart cameras
  • Advanced machine vision systems for accurate identification, inspection and verification
  • High speed, low/high-resolution applications
High secured blockchain traceability

Network Architecture [Track & Trace Solution]

  • INSPECT VERIFY & READ with Omron Vision System
  • Traceability Solution with Omron NX Controller

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