Machine Digitalization

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Introduction to Machine Digitalization

Manufacturing Industry was facing difficulties due to manpower shortage from the recent pandemic since a lot of staff need to work in team rotation or from home as safe measurement practices are in place which brings business to introduce machine digitalization to legacy machines to expand the outputs at the manufacturing front.


  • Machine Data (Run / Cycle Time) Unknown
  • Machine Down Time Unknown
  • No Machine Output Data
  • Cost Incurred to Convert to a New One
  • Machine Documentations are not updated regularly.
  • Labelling inside Control Panel are already worn out

The owner has no visibility on whether to invest in more machines or improve the productivity of the machines to meet the market demands. Failing to achieve the market demands would have a dramatic impact on a business. Losing market share for a business would result in a big loss.

Digital Retrofit

We offer services & solutions to help our customers to begin their digitalization journey and provide meaningful data for better visibility and management.

Digital Retrofit – Machine Digitalization (DRP)

– Available in Wired or Wireless

– Simple and Fast Setup

– One system can extract data up to five machines

– For Legacy Machine

Smart Machine Digitalization


– Smart Machine Monitoring & Data Collection

– Quickly and Easily gather reliable data for manufacturing processes

– For Legacy Machine / Machine with Controller

Smart Wireless Machine Digitalization

Andon Wireless

– Call for Action without any hardwiring

– Can be Upgraded with SmartMONITOR

– For Manual Station

Introducing Machine Digitalization


Machine Digitalization

  • Allow Legacy Machine to Provide Valuable Information
  • Monitor Machine Run Time and Total Parts Produced
  • Track Machine Cycle Time
  • Retrofit into existing Machines

How does it Work?

There are two hardware in a system named IOT Concentrator and IOT Gateway. In order to extract Machine Information, signals such as Start/Stop, Power On and product output signals are tapped to IOT Gateway. IOT Concentrator will communicate to the IOT Gateway to extract data and calculate into meaningful information such as availability, performance and quality. The Concentrator can display the information with the local dashboard or remote dashboard.


  • Communication between IOT Concentrator & IOT Gateway can be in Wired or Wireless
  • Wireless Connectivity up to Five Machines
  • Distance Coverage up to 400m line of sight for Wireless
  • Fast and Easy Setup
  • Visualization Dashboard (Local or Remote by VNC)


Simple Dashboard to allow users to view Availability, Performance and Quality of the machine to determine the overall equipment effectiveness of the machine.

Machine Digitalization Dashboard

Network Architecture

Smart Machine Digitalization Network Architecture


Smart Industrial Monitoring Solutions

SmartMONITOR is the smart MDC alternative (machine monitoring and data collection) for industrial companies looking for a way to quickly and easily gather reliable data to optimise manufacturing processes. Intelligent networking of signal towers creates a simple, low-cost retrofit alternative to conventional, complex MDC systems.


  • Identifies and documents faults and unproductive time more quickly
  • Reduces response times and prevents downtime
  • Works regardless of the manufacturer, age or function of the machine
  • Provides all relevant data of machines, systems and manual workstations at a glance
  • Reports show opportunities for process and productivity improvements
  • Modular and expandable with no cabling required
Smart Alert


  • Robust and proven wireless network for manufacturing environments
  • Licence-free software is included
  • Integrated analytics and reporting tools
  • WIN slave control enables you to trigger simple logical rules for example to activate an additional signal tower as a head-of-line function


  • Discover hidden optimisation potential
  • Signal a production stoppage
  • Manage the supply of material to machines and workstations
  • As a control station for manufacturing companies
  • Production reporting
wireless transmitter, receiver and software

The System

  • Includes a Wireless Transmitter, a Wireless Receiver and the Software
  • Robust and proven wireless network for the production environment intelligently searches for the best connection
  • Simplest integration into production process.
  • Included software already has integrated analysis and reporting tools.
wireless software


Central Control Station

  • The control station offers an overview of all machines, equipment and workstations
  • Retrospective analysis of data
  • Process optimisation
  • React quickly to production disruptions
  • Produce reports
Transmitter and receiver


Wireless Data Monitoring

  • Can be integrated into the signal tower as an additional element
  • Monitors the status and counts the output of up to 50 machines or workstations
  • Data transferred wirelessly to the receiver
  • Initiates processes, starts and stops machines


Secure Data Collection

  • Receives all the data sent by the transmitters in the network
  • Transfers and saves the data to a Microsoft SQL database


wireless Transmitter and receiver

The new WERMA AndonWIRELESS call for action system is a quick and easy way to report, display and rectify problems in a targeted manner.


Have you been mainly been solving faults and problems by shouting or walking around? Using AndonWIRELESS, you can now report them professionally at the push of a button. The wireless connection between the buttons and signal towers makes installation easier and faster than ever before, saving you time and money.

Every button (Andon WirelessBOX) can be operated using mains power or battery power. This allows you to use it as a stand-alone system for mobile applications, e.g. on forklifts or tugger trains. Keep your operation future-proof and flexible for greater efficiency in the workplace.

Wireless Trigger Button


  • Andon WirelessBOX with 2 or 5 buttons
  • Signal tower with 2 to 5 tiers
  • Configurable button illumination
  • Multifunctional acknowledgement function
  • Transceiver for wireless signal reception
  • Simple configuration software
  • Can be combined with control station function: easy to upgrade to SmartMONITOR or AndonSPEED


  • Professional reporting of workstation problems
  • Material replenishment control with acknowledgement function
  • Optimisation of processes in production and logistics departments
  • Access control for doors and gates

Our Services

Legacy machine common issues

We provide not only consultation services to create a solution catered specially for your factory and machine needs but also we can help with project implementation. We focus on data-driven productivity improvement and connectivity across the operation technology layer to technology layer.

A wide range of solutions is available to digitally retrofit your existing machines without modifying or changing the current setup. Moreover, training for engineers are available for our solutions hence engineers can continue to maintain and improve the process and solutions.

Interested to find out more about Machine Digitalization? Feel free to contact us!


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