LKH Precicon works closely with well-established partners to provide Motor Control Solutions that suit the business nature of our clients in Singapore. Our aim is to drive the industry with innovations in motor protection, monitoring, and control so that it will meet business requirements of protecting high-value assets across a wide range of applications, from the most common to the most advanced.

Feel free to write to us and enquire about the service that you are looking for if you do not see your preferred solution on the list.

Some of the Motor Control Solutions we provide:

Start Smart. Run Smart. With TeSys motor control

Start Smart. Run Smart. With TeSys motor control

TeSys Solutions For almost a century, TeSys motor controls have driven the industry with innovations in motor protection, monitoring, and ...

Why it is important:

  • Machines and systems in the market are innovating and adapting quickly to different motor types while having a high accuracy level for the most rugged systems
  • Enables cost-effective and energy-efficient motor control for most applications
  • Smart technologies are gaining popularity across the industry, but motor control and protection lag behind
  • Able to assist in the motor operation and conduct precise operation control with the combination of motor controllers
  • Allows data from asynchronous motors and loads to be properly incorporated into modern asset management strategies


  • Provides protection and diagnosis functions which are aimed at over-temperature, excess current, and under-voltage conditions in order to achieve steady and reliable application
  • The motor’s insulation integrity is improved by eliminating or minimizing the higher voltage spikes which result from line reflections
  • Integrated motor, controllers, and drivers can significantly simplify the design and integration process of many systems while improving efficiency, electromagnetic compatibility, and packaging size and improving overall reliability

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