Carrefour Egypt: Customer Story Key Figures

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Carrefour Egypt: Customer Story Key Figures


Cut 7% on its annual electrical bills

Rapid customisation across 19 stores in just 16 weeks

ROI secured within two years and plans to scale the solution to every store in Egypt

Making energy waste history

In the land of pharaohs and pyramids, Carrefour Egypt is using EcoStruxure Facility Advisor analytics and services to turn something else into ancient history: energy waste.

The Challenges

• Gain visibility and insights that help to optimise energy consumption per load type
• Customise a solution to the unique specifications of each shop
• Create performance benchmarks to drive savings across retail locations
• Secure a rapid return on investment with the ability to scale up as needed
• Pursue sustainability measures that minimise carbon emissions

The Solutions

Apps, Analytics and Services: EcoStruxure Facility Advisor
Edge Control: EcoStruxure Facility Expert
Connected Products: Power meters, modems and external GPRS antennae

• Performance reports and recommendations delivered by Schneider engineers
• Timely alarm notification and web portal for monitoring, analysis and easy issue resolution
• Performance tracking across 19 shops to create benchmarks and deep analytics to locate energy-saving opportunities
• Cloud-connected meters that track performance across assets to ensure optimal performance and uptime

The Results

• Energy savings of 7% thus reducing carbon footprint and reaching sustainability goals
• Rapid customisation across 19 shops in just 16 weeks
• ROI secured within two years and plans to scale the solution to every shop in Egypt
• Enhanced operational efficiency and business continuity via timely alarm notifications and abnormal energy use detection


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