Predictive Maintenance Training Kit for Education Institute

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Customer is a prominent post secondary Education Institute. 


Demand for Educational Kits for Learners
As part of the Education Institute’s mission to provide up-to-date curriculum and keeping up with the latest technological trends, the school sought out experienced companies to create educational and engaging training kits for the students. Through the process, LKH Precicon was engaged to design and craft a customised training and demo kit to demonstrate on Industry 4.0 application. 

Solution Implementation

Design & Prototyping of Education Kit
Working closely with our trusted partners from design to prototyping, our engineering team came out with the i4.0 Education Kit as a complement to the education lessons for students on Industry 4.0 applications and real learning examples. The i4.0 Education Kit simulates an overloaded motor and demonstrates the working principles of IO-Link sensor technology and its role in the application for predictive maintenance in manufacturing plants. 

Imparting Knowledge to the next generation
Through the i4.0 Kit, the students are able to experience first-hand the key smart manufacturing concepts from Device & Sensing level to Logic & Database management level. Overall, the training kit has provided valuable lessons and practical knowledge for the next generation of learners, bringing home the industrial skill sets and experience which convention classrooms can never deliver.

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