Strongly entrenched as a leading player in the electric solutions and distribution business, Lim Kim Hai Group has become ready to embark on a new phase of growth. To continue meeting the needs of a changing market and aspirations of a new generation, the company set out to establish a whole new structure and image.
The new Lim Kim Hai Group has emerged more streamlined and energised. While retaining all the elements that have its success through the years, it has revamped its long-standing corporate structure towards greater efficiency and synergy.
Under the new structure, Precicon D&C Pte Ltd will be renamed to LKH Precicon Pte Ltd, which will give the company a new group identity with its heritage traced to its founding parent company, Lim Kim Hai Electric. The name change will take with effect from 1st Jan 2015.

At the heart of the new Lim Kim Hai Group are its three key entities

Broadbased distribution of electrical materials catering to a wide spectrum of industries.

One stop supplier of high quality protection, control and monitoring products.

LKH Project Distribute

Value-added distributor of world leading power distribution products, cabling systems, electrical accessories and lighting solutions.

The timely reorganisation has resulted in a leaner and meaner business make-up that puts the Group in good stead for long-haul success.

Along with a revitalised Lim Kim Hai Group came a brand new logo to reflect its new directions and aspirations.

The logo retains the original spirit of LKH while injecting fresh new elements intended to appeal to the younger generation. The triangular icon is retained to depict the unchanging and strong tripartite relationships between the company, clients and suppliers, and the extensive support it enjoys and a broad customer base. The colour gold is chosen to signify the “Gold” element whereas the blue background signifies “Ocean” in the chinese words “Kim” and “Hai” respectively.

The three entities within the Group share the same iconic elements, symbolising their excellent unity and synergy. The letter “L” has been shifted downwards to stand alongside “K” and “H”, declaring that this is a company that offers equal opportunities, all the more that it has now grown far beyond a family business.