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Why should you choose Werma Tower Lights ?

Quality Product, Proudly Made in Germany

With decades of manufacturing and Germany engineering experience in signal lighting elements, Werma is a world leader in tower lights and signaling elements across all industries.

Clearly visible from all angles

The purpose of signal towers is to communicate visual and audio alerts and alarms to everyone in range. Werma tower lights have bright LED, wide range of viewing angles to fulfill this purpose.

Easy and hassle-free installation

All installations are hassle-free, comes with free software that is easy to install, both pre-assembled, and modular.

IP Rated and wide range of accessories

Add-on optional accessories are available upon enquiry to suit any applications, installations or system integration.


Product Features

• Smooth surfaces prevent dirt gathering and make cleaning easy

• Easy, intuitive installation – incorrect assembly is practically impossible (Poka Yoke)

• TwinLIGHT combine two easily selectable light effects in one element

• In ClassicLOOK or DesignLOOK to suit all machine surfaces

• Clearly visible from all positions thanks to the OmniVIEW lens with no blind spots

• Pre-configured standard versions are available (common configurations as a complete tower with a single part number)

Typical applications

• on machinery and equipment

• on automated systems

• in assembly plants, for example, in the automotive industry

• on conveyor belts in production and logistics

• at manual workstations as a call-for-action system

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