Omron E3AS Photoelectric Sensors

Production lines have become more advanced and complex, and skilled production workers are hard to come by.

In order to increase equipment design flexibility and reduce sensor installation time, there is a growing need for reflective photoelectric sensors that require no receivers or reflectors.

OMRON’s E3AS Series offers new ways of using reflective photoelectric sensors to reduce line commissioning time and increases uptime.

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Automotive Industry

Reliable detection of difficult workpieces reduces equipment design and commissioning time

When difficult-to-detect workpieces (curved, glossy, or casting surfaces) cannot be detected correctly, sensors need to be reselected or adjusted. The E3AS Series provides reliable detection with less effect of curved, glossy, or casting surfaces, reducing design and commissioning time.

Food & Beverages Industry

Stable detection for variable workpieces eliminates the need for redesign

Conventional sensors have to be selected each time the shape, color, pattern, or reflectivity of the workpiece changes, so the equipment sometimes need to be redesigned. The E3AS Series can detect workpieces without being significantly affected by variable shapes, colors, and materials, saving redesign time.