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TripleA Robotics is one of the many that provides high-end Automatic Tool Change for Collaborative Robots (Cobots) in Singapore


TripleA Robotics is one of the many that provides high-end Automatic Tool Change for Collaborative Robots (Cobots) in Singapore. Headquartered in Denmark, TripleA Robotics makes flexible automation possible and profitable in high mix and high volume productions through Applicable, Adaptable and Affordable robotics. Regarded by many as the best robotics tool changer system in the market, the WINGMAN is a New School tool changer that offers both manual and automatic tool change using the same device. In addition, WINGMAN does not require expensive pneumatic installations to achieve automatic tool change, unlike Old School automatic tool changers. All these are possible thanks to WINGMAN’s patented mechanical redundant locking mechanism.

Triple-A-Wingman Auto Quick Changer

The WINGMAN Tool Changer provide users great flexibility due to the compact size and the click-in pass-through modules that allow users to quickly reconfigure the tool changer for new tools. Its mechanical activated locking mechanism does not need compressed air to work, unlike traditional automatic tool changers, which makes the WINGMAN easy for users to install. Being able to plug and play in the shortest period of time, cobots will now have great flexibility to deploy more tools and generate more outputs.

Our Offer

LKH Precicon is the authorized distributor for TripleA Robotics products and the sole provider and installer of the WINGMAN Tool Changer System in Singapore. We help businesses and factories upgrade their robotic systems to provide greater flexibility and get over their old school tool changing methods. For enquiries on how you can purchase, please contact us below.

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