We carry vision products including smart cameras and vision system from our reputable partners. Such vision products are designed for applications requiring precise visual inspection, quality control, and automation. Moreover, these products maximise production line performance and flexibility, ensuring high accuracy and efficiency across various industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tools are provided in the F430 Smart Camera?


  • Count: Counts objects detected within the inspection area.
  • Measure: Measures width or height between two edges.
  • Presence/Absence: Inspects the presence of objects.
  • Colour: Judges whether the colour matches the registered one.
  • Decode: Reads a bar code or 2D code.
  • Symbol Quality Verification: Enables simple print quality verification of codes to application standards
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition): Reads capital alphabets, numbers, and multi-row text and compares them with the character string received from the host device
  • OCV (Optical Character Verification): Detects defects from measured character strings using the registered reference character string
  • Locate: Outputs the position and angle of the registered image.
  • String Format: Outputs extracted character strings and combined two character strings.
  • Match Strings Tools: Compares a human-readable character string read by OCR with data contained in the code
  • Logic Tool: Performs logical operation and compares sizes of tool results.

How does the FH Series carry out high-precision inspections?

Ans: The FH Series has 30 advanced filters to detect low-contrast defects. These filers enhance linear defects in noise and low-contrast defects which cannot be detected by conventional image processing.

How can I prevent incorrect operation of the FH Series at the production site?

Ans: To prevent incorrect operation, you can customise the adjustment window to display only the parameters needed for daily operations. The processing item setting window separates parameters for initial settings from those for daily adjustments, allowing you to focus on the necessary adjustments and minimise errors.