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Omron FHV7 Smart Camera Series

The FHV7 Smart Camera provides several options for components, allowing you to freely combine the lens and light with the camera and easily adjust the optical conditions to specific products. The footprint of the camera is not affected by module replacement. Even if a sudden change occurs in the product specification, the system can be ready after minimum rearrangement.
An all-in-one models with lens modules and light modules are also available.

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Nearly-infinite combination to fit any production scenes
Modular structure

The FHV7 Smart Camera allows you to flexibly combine a lens, light and image element, which are the important modules that determine the performance of a smart camera. You can integrate multiple vision sensors installed at your production line into this FHV7 Smart Camera, which can be customized to meet your inspection and measurement needs. By managing inventory of cameras based on modules, you can significantly reduce costs.

Single camera for inspecting various products
Multi-color Light, Autofocus Lens, 12 Mpix

Like human eyes, the FHV7 Smart Camera with the multi-color light, autofocus lens and 12 mega pixels for wider areas stably measures objects in different colors and sizes on the same production line. The illuminating colors and lens focuses can be adjusted by parameters, so the mechanism for replacing lights and moving cameras is no longer necessary. This feature greatly reduces the time required for design and adjustment and the number of machine components.

Raising production quality without sacrificing cycle time
Best-in-class speed

The inspection time can be reduced to 1/4 *2 of that required for existing models. This FHV7 Smart Camera enables you to keep the same cycle time even after you upgrade resolution or add inspection points.