LKH Precicon works closely with well-established partners to integrate Sensor & Sensing Technology that suit the business nature of our clients in Singapore. Products these days use sensors to sense everything around them so they have the capacity to be extremely accurate, consume less power, and are cost-effective to maintain and install. Sensors are a vital component for complicated systems and machines which help create new value for processes and businesses.

Feel free to write to us and enquire about the service that you are looking for if you do not see your preferred solution on the list.

Some of the Sensor & Sensing Technology solutions that we have integrated:

Locating Faulty Sensor in a Big Production Plant

Locating Faulty Sensor in a Big Production Plant

Locating a faulty sensor can result in a painful and costly downtime for any production plant Imagine a production plant ...
Predictive Maintenance and Conditioning Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance and Conditioning Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance Need Conditioning Monitoring Understanding changes in device condition in advance, through proximity sensor detection to perform advance corrections, reducing sudden ...

Improve machine efficiency through IO-Link Solution

We are Singapore's Omron Distributor. Using IoT to bring innovation to Manufacturing Sites, click here to find out more! ...

Why it is important:

  • With IoT technology penetrating every aspect of our future than ever before, the usage of sensors are exponentially growing. The internet of things cannot exist without smart sensors and constitute the vital components of IoT systems
  • Sensors are vital in improving employee well-being and process workflows by generating relevant information like historical data for decision making, alerts and reminders on maintenance and repairs
  • Sensor-based technology changes employees interaction and enable cost savings, bring in revenue opportunities, and drastically improve experiences


  • IoT systems help industries to raise their efficiency levels by optimizing existing processes. With the help of sensors, users now have complete knowledge of how well the machine works
  • With data flowing in and alerting operators of a possible fault before it occurs, sensor technology can help to reduce workplace accidents, increase productivity and minimize losses (money, time, and energy)
  • Using predictive maintenance and sensors can provide valuable data on the whereabouts of the machine on a scale that wasn’t even possible with traditional machines
Predictive Maintenance Training Kit for Education Institute
Company Customer is a prominent post secondary Education Institute.  Challenges Demand for Educational Kits for Learners As part of the ...
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