We offer an extensive range of sensors, encompassing of ultrasonic sensors, photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors, displacement sensors, and more. These sensors play a vital role in numerous applications – distance measurement, object detection, pressure measurement, and more. They provide accurate and reliable data collection, and can be used to monitor or control certain processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Photoelectric Sensor?

Ans: A Photoelectric Sensor detects the presence and state of an object by sensing changes in light. It converts the light into an electrical signal and compares it to a set standard to determine the output (ON/OFF). Also, the sensor uses various methods, including through-beam, retro-reflective, diffuse-reflective, distance setting, and more.

What is the suggested way to maintain Photoelectric Sensors?

Ans: To maintain Photoelectric Sensors, gently wipe any dirt from the lens or case with a dry cloth or water. Additionally, ovoid using alcohol, as the lens is made of plastic, and organic solvents like thinners and alcohol can cloud or crack the lens.

Which Photoelectric Sensors are suitable to use in water environments?

Ans: For water environments, use models with an IP67 degree of protection. Recommended models include the E3Z Series and E3S-A/B Series Photoelectric Sensors, all available here.

How do high-temperature environments affect Proximity Sensors?

Ans: In high-temperature environments, the specified sensing distance increases, causing the operating and reset points to rise. Consequently, the differential widens, and Proximity Sensors may not reset after operation. Over time, they may eventually fail to operate.

What causes the zero-reset function of the E8F2 Digital Pressure Sensor to not work?

Ans: The zero-reset function of the E8F2 Digital Pressure Sensor may fail if the sensor is out of the measurement range.

What is the function of the bar indicator on the E8F2 Digital Pressure Sensor?

Ans: The bar indicator (green) indicates the degree of measured pressure in relation to the set pressure.

Can the ZX-L Displacement Sensor measure transparent objects?

Ans: No, transparent objects cannot be measured with the ZX-L Displacement Sensor as it is a reflective smart sensor that uses PSD (Position Sensitive Device).

What is the battery lifespan of the Aranet Ultrsonic Distance Sensor?

Ans: Depending on the measurement interval, the alkaline and lithium battery lifetime differs.

  • 1 minute intervals: 0.8 years/ 1 year
  • 2 minutes intervals: 1.5 year/ 1.9 years
  • 5 minutes intervals : 3.3 years/ 4.5 years
  • 10 minutes intervals: 5.7 years/ 8.1 years