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Omron E8FC IoT Flow Sensors

Detect Signs of Abnormalities in Cooling Water by Simultaneous Measurement of “Flow Rate + Temperature”

  • Multi-sensing of “Flow rate + temperature” for preventing a sudden stops or manufacturing defects.
  • Various lineup of replacement adapters to enable easy replacement of your current pressure gauges and flow meters.
  • Analog current output function in addition to the IO-Link communications function that can perform self-diagnosis of abnormalities in the sensor itself.
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Detect signs even before welding tip deformation or sudden stops occur (For Wielding Machine)

You can simultaneously monitor whether the cooling water for the welder transformer has both a “optimum flow rate” and “optimum temperature”, for continuous monitoring of the cooling water performance state.
This enables to detect abnormality signs of equipment.

Detect signs of cooling performance degradation even before occurrence of molding defects (For Molding Machine)

Monitor the “flow rate” and “temperature changes” in the same position, and quantify the optimum ranges for flow rate and temperature. You can detect signs of cooling performance degradation without relying on the experience or skills of maintenance personnel.
In addition, by mounting sensors on multiple pipes, you can quickly tell from the sensor LEDs what abnormality has occurred, in which pipe.

Optimize cooling performance by monitoring flow rate and temperature to enhance strength of parts (Carburizing furnace)

You can simultaneously monitor cooling water temperature and flow rate to maintain and control the ideal cooling performance. This ensures consistent finish and raises the strength level of parts. Machines can be developed to enhance strength by leveraging cooling performance data.