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We offer a comprehensive range of industrial control products, including Machine Controllers, Ethernet Cables, Temperature Indicators, and more. These products are designed to accelerate integration, enhance system flexibility, improve overall performance, and ensure safety in high-speed machinery. Additionally, they are vital for reliable data communication, making them indispensable for modern industrial operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right Tesys Deca Magnetic Contactor for my application?

Ans: To select the correct Tesys Deca Magnetic Contactor, consider the following information: the number of poles, whether it’s for an AC1 or AC3 application, the ampere rating, the motor kW rating, the operating voltage, and the control voltage.

What are switching power supplies?

Ans: Switching power supplies take commercial AC power (110 VAC or 220 VAC) and use a high-speed semiconductor switching process to convert this input into high-frequency electric power, which then outputs as direct current (24 VDC).

Is it possible to connect Solid-state Relays in parallel?

Ans: Yes, you can connect Solid-state Relays in parallel mainly to prevent open circuit failures. Typically, only one relay is ON while the other remains OFF due to differences in output ON voltage drop.

What is the difference between a Timer and a Time Switch?

Ans: A Timer and a Time Switch differ in what they control. A Timer manages the duration from when you turn on the power or supply the input signal to when the operation starts. In contrast, a Time Switch sets the specific time of day when the operation starts while the power is on.