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Based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Onset has been designing and manufacturing its data loggers and monitoring solutions on site since the company’s founding in 1981.

Onset’s mission is to be a global leader in data loggers and monitoring solutions used to measure, record, and manage data for improving the environment and preserving the quality of temperature-sensitive products. Onset is committed to a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and world-class customer support. Moreover, Onset’s award-winning HOBO® data logger and weather station products are used around the world in a broad range of monitoring applications. Besides, it is also used to verify a range of performance from green building and renewable energy systems to agricultural and coastal research. Onset’s InTempTM loggers dramatically simplify the process of monitoring temperature-controlled environments by streamlining daily temperature checks and reducing the paper trail burden.

Onset loggers

Key Advantages of Onset ranges of data loggers, indoor-outdoor loggers

Wide range of Measurement Parameters – Onset loggers measure an extensive range of parameters including relative humidity (RH), temperature, water flow/level, wind, air quality & pressure, CO2, dissolved oxygen, rainfall, soil condition, and many others.

Trusted by Industry’s Experts – Onset distributor product range is widely used and recognized by researchers and academic professors to provide accurate and reliable data readings in their work. You can find them being used in laboratories, food storage, schools, farms, utility plant, wildlife, and national parks.

Commitment to High Quality – Manufactured and made in the United States, Onset guarantees high-quality products that endure harsh environments while in operation. In addition, their Research & development places their products under extensive and vigorous testing to uphold the high-quality standard.

Environment Initiatives

Data logger basics and what it does

Onset’s HOBO® data loggers have been an instrumental part of countless green/conservation initiatives for more than three decades. Some example:

  1. Their loggers track energy and HVAC systems performance to help reduce energy costs for buildings indoors.
  2. HOBOs document climate change and monitor the efficiency of wind and solar power systems in outdoor settings.
  3. Onset data loggers study the impact of elevated water temperatures on fish habitats in the seas and ocean.

Our Offer

LKH Precicon is the authorized distributor for Onset data loggers, HOBO indoor and outdoor loggers, data sensors, weather stations, and environmental monitoring equipment in Singapore. We hold the sole dealership of a wide range of their product with cutting-edge technologies.

Recently, LKH Precicon supported an Ocean Commitment program led by the Unseen Expedition team to collect oceanographic data such as temperature-depth and salinity of the water using Onset products. The program was a success and the scientific data collected will be used by the local authorities to constantly improve the management of Marine Protected Areas around Bali.

For enquiries on how you can purchase, please contact us below.

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