LKH Precicon works closely with well-established partners to offer a comprehensive range of Connectivity Solutions to suit the business nature of our clients in Singapore. We have worked with many companies to digitalize the data acquisition and monitoring processes, empowering businesses with real-time analytics that can be used to improve company operational performance.

Feel free to write to us and enquire about the service that you are looking for if you do not see your preferred solution on the list.

Some Connectivity Solutions that we provide:

Omron Traceability Solutions

Omron Traceability Solutions

Traceability for Greater Sustainability OMRON TRACEABILITY SOLUTIONS In any manufacturing environment today, automating the production process is advantageous. It allows ...
OMRON Traceability Solution Through Serialisation

OMRON Traceability Solution Through Serialisation

Traceability for F&B Industry Driven by a myriad of high-profile laws, acts, directives and regulations, Traceability is a hot topic ...
SYSMAC Traceability Solution

SYSMAC Traceability Solution

Automotive Easy Setup. Low Maintenance. Consumer demand is driving automakers to continuously produce safer and more efficient products. As a ...
NB-IoT / Sigfox Remote Monitoring Solution

NB-IoT / Sigfox Remote Monitoring Solution

Industrial IoT Remote Monitoring Solution As Singapore is advancing towards Smart Nation Initiative, the current trend of IoT protocol - ...
ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS)

ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS)

ABB Ability™ EDCS enables simplified and enhanced management of your low-voltage power distribution system ...

Why it is important:

  • It delivers optimal uptime for your business-critical applications if you have a 24/7 live network monitoring and support
  • Interruptions are costly and disruptive to bottom-line systems such as Email, CRM, ERP, Intranet and distributed databases
  • Companies face risks without certainty of compromised integrity


  • Using next-generation technology will help in maximizing network value and gaining the confidence of customers
  • Real-time monitoring and data analytics reporting enables quick navigation of maintenance requirements
  • Allows business owners to make real-time data-driven decisions that will increase profitability and an overall competitive advantage
  • It can help predict customer patterns and future outcomes to make better business decisions

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