ABB Ability™ Edge Industrial Gateway

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Unlock your equipment’s full potential, on-edge or in-cloud

The all-new ABB Ability™ Edge Industrial Gateway uses IoT technology to simplify existing gateways. It is designed to collect all generated field device and parameter data, feeding it into one user-friendly dashboard.

This solution makes it possible to monitor all of your downstream low- and medium-voltage devices via the cloud or an on-premise system, with optional wi-fi and cellular connectivity.

ABB Ability Edge Industrial Gateway

Access information from your local network only

The Edge Industrial Gateway provides access to your data via your local network. You can access the ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager dashboard, but your data stays local and is not transferred to the cloud.

… or benefit from additional cloud services:

Connect your ABB Ability™ Edge Industrial Gateway to the cloud to unlock further operational potential. Get remote access to insights about your site’s energy consumption and asset health, as well as additional features such as predictive maintenance.

Enabling cloud connectivity requires an ABB Ability™ Energy or Asset Manager subscription.

Connect your low- and medium-voltage devices with just one solution

Thanks to the ABB Ability™ Edge Industrial Gateway, you will now also have the opportunity to connect your dashboard to the following low- and medium-voltage products and systems:

  • Condition monitoring (SWICOM, thermal monitoring, etc.)
  • Energy metering (meters and analyzers)
  • Protection and control (circuit breakers, switches, relays, motor controllers, UPS)
  • Safety (arc fault detector)
  • Solutions (low- and medium-voltage enclosures and switchgear, etc.)

ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager architecture

Connecting your existing devices like EQ Meters, System Pro M InSite, CMS-700, SWICOM or Relion 615 is easy. Simply plug and play via Emax 2, Ekip UP, Tmax XT and TruONE™ (equipped with Ekip Com Hub), or with the ABB Ability™ Edge Industrial Gateway via Modbus RS-485 or Modbus TCP.

ABB AbilityTM Industrial Edge Gateway – L (local view)

  • Local connectivity only – enabling you to keep your data on-premise within your network boundaries and disconnected from the cloud
  • Can be upgraded to the cloud connected version through a software upgrade

ABB AbilityTM Edge Industrial Gateway – C 

Both E-Hub 2.0 and MyRemoteCare Gateways will soon be replaced by the ABB AbilityTM Edge Industrial Gateway – C, so that you can easily connect both low- and medium-voltage devices with one solution. For China only: The MyRemoteCare Gateway will remain until the launch of the ABB Ability™ Asset Manager

Ekip Com Hub

Product embedded connectivity

  • Embedded solution with SACE Emax 2, TruONE™ or Tmax XT
  • Telemetry only, no need for additional external gateway. The solution connects your whole switchboard with Emax 2, TruONE™ or Tmax XT equipped with the new Ekip Com Hub. Getting online is as simple as inserting the cartridge communication module into your terminal box. The Ekip Com Hub can connect up to X devices through a TCP or Modbus local connection

Ekip Up

Upgrade products with embedded connectivity

  • Upgrade solution with Ekip UP
  • Upgrade a specific feeding line, load or even your entire distribution system. Ekip UP equipped with Ekip Com Hub lets you establish a cloud connection – simply insert the communication cartridge into your terminal box and connect with an external router

Interested to find out more about ABB Ability™ Edge Industrial Gateway? Feel free to contact us!


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