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    The OMRON KM-N2-FLK Power Monitor is an advanced device designed for precise and comprehensive power monitoring and energy management. This power monitor enables accurate measurement and analysis of various electrical parameters, providing valuable insights into energy consumption, power quality, and efficiency in industrial and commercial settings.

    Omron KM-N2-FLK Power Monitor

    Global power monitor for mounting inside control panels Solve design,
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    A pH and temperature data logger for long-term monitoring of pH in water

    Onset HOBO MX pH and Temperature Data Logger

    The HOBO MX pH and Temperature logger is designed for
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    Onset Hobo MX801 Logger

    Onset HOBO MX800 Series Water Data Loggers

    The HOBO MX800 Series multiparameter wireless data loggers work with
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    remote environment data logging station

    Onset RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station

    HOBO's most flexible remote data logging cloud-based station: instant, site-specific
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    Schneider Electric Energy Hub help to monitor energy of buildings, infrastructure and manufacturing plants

    Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ Energy Hub

    Cloud-based building energy management software Part of EcoStruxure Simplify the
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    EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert (PME) is an acclaimed solution for power-critical facilities, enhancing uptime and efficiency through IoT connectivity and distributed intelligence.

    Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert

    Power monitoring software for reliable electrical networks Part of EcoStruxure
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    Signal Beacons – New 808 series

    Werma 808 Series Signal Beacons

    The WERMA new generation 808 series beacon bring to you
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    The CleanSIGN signal tower has been specifically developed and certified for use in clean rooms, food and hygiene areas as well as the pharmaceutical industry

    Werma CleanSIGN Pre-assembled Signal Tower

    The CleanSIGN signal tower has been specifically developed and certified for
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    Werma Compact Signal Tower – CST 55C

    Werma CST 55C Signal Tower

    The Werma Compact Signal Tower CST 55C is an extension
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    Werma RST 56 LED Signal Tower

    Werma RST 56 LED Signal Tower

    The new "RST" LED signal towers by WERMA stand out
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    Altistart 01 Soft Starter

    Schneider Electric Altistart 01 Soft Starters

    Soft Starters for simple machines from 0.37 to 15kW Part
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    Altistart 22 Soft Starter

    Schneider Electric Altistart 22 Soft Starters

    All-in-one Soft Starters for electrical motors from 4 to 400kW
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