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    AZN 3130 labels provide on metal tag functionality with built in temperature sensor as well as moisture detection within a low profile label

    Axzon AZN 3130 Peel N Stick Sensors

    AZN 3130 labels provide on-metal tag functionality with built-in temperature
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    a signal tower that, thanks to electronic modularity, sets new standards in terms of visibility, individuality and efficiency

    Werma eSIGN 15 Segments Signal Tower

    An electronically modular signal tower that sets new standards in
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    Werma LED Installation Beacon (Multicolour)

    Werma LED Installation Beacon (Multicolour)

    Typical Applications Compact and bright all round Ideal choice if
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    Sysmac general purpose servo

    Omron AC Servo System 1S-series

    Sysmac general-purpose servo Ratings: 230 VAC from 50 W to
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    ABB 4-Pole MCB

    ABB 4-Poles Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)

    ABB 4-Poles Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) protects installations against overload
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    Consistently and remotely monitor and analysis the temperature status of panel devices to achieve both labor-saving and significant risk mitigation of abnormal stop

    Omron K6PM-TH Thermal Condition Monitoring Device

    K6PM-TH monitors continuously and remotely the temperature of devices in
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    PowerTag Link is an Ethernet-connected concentrator (Modbus TCP/IP) for wireless devices on EcoStruxure platforms

    Schneider Electric Acti9 PowerTag Link

    Monitor your large business electrical equipment via your supervision system
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    Triple-A-Wingman Auto Quick Changer

    Triple A Robotics – WINGMAN Collaborative Robot Tool Changer System

    With automatic tool change, your cobot will have the flexibility
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    Small-sized photoelectric sensors in flat and side view shapes for demanding mounting conditions

    Omron E3T Photoelectric sensor

    Photoelectric sensor in miniature plastic housing Small-sized photoelectric sensors in
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    Omron Cobot

    Omron TM Collaborative Robot

    Designed to work with both humans and machines, this Omron
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    The HOBO MX1104 multi-channel data logger measures and transmits temperature, relative humidity, and light intensity data wirelessly. It also includes an external analog input to attach a variety of additional sensors

    Onset HOBO MX1104 Analog/Temp/RH/Light Data Logger

    The HOBO MX1104 multi-channel data logger measures and transmits temperature,
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    Rockwell ProDySC

    Rockwell ProDySC Voltage Sag Protector

    Rockwell Pro DySC® are unique and exclusive industrial power quality
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