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Schneider Electric EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert

Power monitoring software for reliable electrical networks

Part of EcoStruxure

Award-winning EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert is designed to help power-critical and energy-intensive facilities maximize uptime and operational efficiency.

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Discover EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert

Power monitoring made simple

Award-winning power monitoring software gives insight into electrical system health and energy efficiency so you can make informed decisions that improve performance. Convert data into action and unlock your system’s full potential with advanced energy visualisation and analysis tools.

Benefits of EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert


Keep people and assets safer. Monitor breaker protection settings, detect abnormal conditions that risk safety, and locate insulation faults.


Understand event cause with advanced power forensics, identify patterns, monitor protection settings, and track system capacity to avoid overloads.


Perform formal audits, metrics analyses and cost allocation to evaluate operations, reveal and validate savings and identify abnormal energy usage.


Aggregate data across processes, generate compliance reports that meet regulatory standards, identify KPIs, and comply with common IT practices.

Improving the performance of buildings – financial, energy or otherwise – is always top priority.

With EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert, building operators can:

  • Reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption, increases equipment life span, occupant comfort, and productivity.
  • Predict future energy consumption based on external temperature, occupancy, and other variables.
  • Establish energy efficiency benchmarks and make informed decisions that reduce energy consumption to improve your building’s energy performance.

Ensuring 24/7 operations places power network reliability, efficiency and compliance among the most serious issues data centres face today. Unplanned power outages average over a million dollars in losses plus a compromised reputation

With EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert, Data Centre facility operators can:

  • Provide maximum uptime and total visibility into your power system.
  • Restore power quickly and safely after a crisis.
  • Improve data centre performance without compromising power availability or reliability.
  • Ensure business continuity in any circumstance.

Hospitals are under increasing pressure to do more with less, while also complying with strict regulations and ever-changing technology. Designed for the always-on power environment in clinical care settings, EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert allows tracking of real-time power conditions to help improve efficiency and reliability.

With EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert, hospitals and healthcare facility operators can:

  • Ensure an always-on power environment in clinical care settings.
  • Prevent power quality issues, and reduce energy use and costs.
  • Embrace a purpose-built power infrastructure that supports future needs and helps ensure patient safety.

Power is a critical component of production and can affect profitability and competitiveness.

With EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert, industrial facility operators can:

  • Mitigate risk and increase productivity.
  • Compare energy efficiency across buildings, plants, and process lines.
  • Analyse energy consumption by load type, analyse facility energy performance and ensure energy efficiency compliance.
  • Enable proactive maintenance to ensure safety and simplify power quality monitoring and analysis to protect sensitive equipment.

Critical infrastructure networks like air, rail and water transportation are complex. They must operate safely, reliably and efficiently with regulatory compliance.

With EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert, transportation operators can:

  • Easily integrate the software into existing critical systems, as well as to be open and scalable.
  • Track real-time and historic data, manage proactive maintenance schedules, and monitor facilities, assets, and power network functionality to ensure maximum uptime and efficiency.

Introducing EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert