LKH Precicon works closely with well-established partners to provide Monitoring Solutions that suit the business nature of our clients in Singapore. This is to help industrial companies that are looking for ways to quickly and easily gather reliable data to optimise their manufacturing processes.

Feel free to write to us and enquire about the service that you are looking for if you do not see your preferred solution on the list.

Some of the Monitoring Solutions we provide:

Real-time machine availability management for maximizing operational productivity

DGNet – Machine Data Collection & Analytics

Adapting Digital Transformation After unprecedented events such as Covid-19 and ongoing geopolitical issues such as Ukraine and Russia War, manufacturing ...
WeASSIST from Werma is the cross-industry cloud solution for comprehensive monitoring and consistent optimisation of your production processes

WeASSIST – Process Optimisation In One Minute

WeASSIST - Process Optimisation In One Minute? WeASSIST from Werma is the cross-industry cloud solution for comprehensive monitoring and consistent optimisation ...
AndonWIRELESS system allows Quick and easy way to report, display and rectify problems in real-time

AndonWIRELESS – A Configurable Call for Action System

AndonWIRELESS - A Configurable Call for Action System Quick and easy way to report, display and rectify problems in real-time ...
Introducing Werma SmartMONITOR

Introducing Werma SmartMONITOR

What is SmartMONITOR? SmartMONITOR is the smart MDC alternative for industrial companies looking for a way to quickly and easily ...
motor condition monitoring

Motor Condition Monitoring System

Application Note: Motor Condition Monitoring System ...
Wireless Productivity Tracking System

Wireless Productivity Tracking System

Werma Wireless Productivity Tracking System- Complete transparency in your production process ...

Why it is important:

  • Overloaded circuits can have disastrous effects on the equipment and result in a drop in productivity
  • Power quality issues interrupt processes and scrapped products, which may result in loss of the annual production revenue
  • Monitoring systems automatically raises a flag to mark significant events with the potential to cause damage within your facility
  • Helps you to clarify if your motors, pumps, transformers, control devices or any electrical-type equipment are susceptible to premature failure


  • It automatically collects data in a library of templates and reports to guide you through data analysis
  • Allows you to plan ahead before any machine breakdown or shutdown
  • Providing remote status and other operational parameters of electrical equipment that can reduce the chances of exposure to a potentially dangerous electrical environment
  • It can boost efficiency by minimising waste and also reduce your rates of energy consumption
By using the CleanSIGN, machine downtimes or malfunctions are noticed in time and a lot of money and time is saved because you can react immediately
Innovotech Optimizes Production Processes with LED Signal Tower "CleanSIGN" from WERMA The food industry places the highest demands on hygiene ...
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How Ketterer, an Ergonomic Solutions provider get status of all machines in one view
20% More Productivity Using SmartMONITOR Ketterer uses every signal tower as a machine data collection system Complete Transparency of the ...
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The logger dramatically simplifies and lowers the cost of field data collection by providing wireless access to high-accuracy water level and temperature measurements right from a mobile phone, tablet, or Windows computer
The Challenges Looking to expand the quantity, quality, and usability of water quality data in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, systems ...
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Thermal condition monitoring for Electrical Bus duct in the semiconductor sector
Thermal Condition Monitoring for Electrical Bus Duct Semiconductor Manufacturing Plant in Singapore | Machine making Monitoring the temperature of the ...
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Monitoring Conditions for Hardwood Flooring Installations
The Challenges Expensive hardwood floors come with a warranty, and without solid evidence that indoor environmental conditions are properly maintained ...
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Success Story: "We network all our machines!"
Plastic packaging manufacturer relies on SmartMONITOR from WERMA and optimizes its production within a few weeks FLESTIC - the plastic ...
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