Monitoring Solutions play a key role in helping businesses stay on track with their business environment in real time, keeping them aligned with business objectives. Such solutions can greatly aid businesses in quickly gathering reliable data for manufacturing optimisation, and even identifying problems before they arise. LKH Precicon works with trusted partners to provide Monitoring Solutions catered to the needs of businesses.

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Some of the Monitoring Solutions we provide:

Why it is important:

  • Overloaded circuits can have disastrous effects on the equipment and result in a drop in productivity
  • Machines and systems in the market are innovating and adapting quickly to different motor types while having a high accuracy level for the most rugged systems
  • Power quality issues interrupt processes and scrapped products, which may result in a loss of annual production revenue
  • Monitoring systems automatically raises a flag to mark significant events with the potential to cause damage within your facility
  • Helps you to clarify if your motors, pumps, transformers, control devices or any electrical-type equipment are susceptible to premature failure
  • Able to assist in the motor operation and conduct precise operation control with the combination of motor controllers
  • Allows data from asynchronous motors and loads to be properly incorporated into modern asset management strategies


  • It automatically collects data in a library of templates and reports to guide you through data analysis
  • Allows you to plan ahead before any machine breakdown or shutdown
  • Providing remote status and other operational parameters of electrical equipment that can reduce the chances of exposure to a potentially dangerous electrical environment
  • It can boost efficiency by minimising waste and also reduce your rates of energy consumption
  • Provides protection and diagnosis functions which are aimed at over-temperature, excess current, and under-voltage conditions in order to achieve steady and reliable application
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Enhancing Efficiency and Safety with Monitoring Systems in Manufacturing

Monitoring systems in the manufacturing industry enable production managers and operators to track process flow in real time, preventing faults and allowing for the collection and analysis of vital data. Numerous uses for this data exist, including maintenance and procurement as well as HR, finance, logistics, and process optimisation. These solutions, which are designed to optimise processes, guarantee quality control, improve safety, and boost overall efficiency, offer immediate alerts to avert possible mishaps and guarantee seamless operations throughout production or manufacturing lines.

Ensuring Quality and Compliance

Monitoring systems are essential for guaranteeing product quality, legal compliance, and operational effectiveness in the healthcare manufacturing sector. Among these solutions are quality control systems that use analytics and automated inspection to find flaws in pharmaceutical and medical device items. There are also inventory monitoring tools that track raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods to maximise inventory levels.

While environmental monitoring solutions guarantee that emissions laws are followed, energy monitoring systems assist in reducing energy consumption. Workforce monitoring improves workplace safety, while predictive maintenance solutions minimise downtime by preventing equipment breakdowns. When combined, these technologies help healthcare producers meet regulatory requirements, provide high-quality products quickly, and keep a safe workplace.

Optimising Supply Chain Operations

Monitoring tools are crucial in the logistics industry for handling complex supply chains, guaranteeing prompt delivery of goods, streamlining transportation routes, and enhancing overall operational effectiveness. These solutions include supply chain visibility platforms that provide end-to-end tracking of commodities, fleet management systems that monitor the movement and status of vehicles, and warehouse management systems that simplify inventory management and completing orders. These technologies assist logistics firms in improving the sustainability, efficiency, and visibility of their supply chains, all of which improve overall operational performance and customer satisfaction.

Safeguarding Our Ecosystem

In the environmental sector, monitoring solutions are critical to tracking and regulating many ecological characteristics, such as biodiversity, air, soil, and water quality. Environmental monitoring systems gather and evaluate information on pollutant levels, habitat health, and climate change indicators using sensors, satellite imaging, and data analytics. These solutions enable informed decision-making, early detection of environmental threats, and the execution of conservation actions to maintain ecosystems and defend public health. They also offer invaluable insights to researchers, policymakers, and environmental organisations.


DGNet Machine Data Collection & Analytics

  • Dashboard to provide analytics insights
  • Monitor machine downtime to improve machine repair time and maintenance
  • Monitor cycle time to judge how the machine is operated & efficiency of the operator
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  • Can be used as a stand-alone system for mobile applications, e.g. on forklifts or supply chain vehicles
  • Configurable button illumination
  • Can be combined with control station function: easy to upgrade to SmartMONITOR or AndonSPEED
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  • Receive hardware and software for process optimisation as a ready-made plug&play retrofit solution
  • Applicable for the following processes:
    • Real-Time Monitoring
    • Analytics
    • Call-for-Action
    • Downtime-Tracking
    • Performance KPI
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Monitoring Solutions, and what is the purpose of implementing Monitoring Solutions?

Ans: Monitoring Solutions are technologies and systems that track, collect, and analyze data from diverse processes or surroundings. Implementing Monitoring Solutions aims to get real-time insights, optimize performance, increase efficiency, and assure the safety and compliance of systems or facilities.

What industries can benefit from implementing Monitoring Solutions?

Ans: Industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics and environment can leverage monitoring solutions to enhance operational efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve overall performance.

How do Monitoring Solutions boost/enhance energy efficiency in a facility?

Ans: Monitoring Solutions help improve energy efficiency by providing real-time data on energy consumption, detecting inefficiencies, and enabling predictive maintenance. Smart sensors and analytics aid in the optimization of energy usage, the reduction of waste, and the deployment of energy-saving measures within a facility.

What data analysis capabilities do monitoring solutions offer?

Ans: Monitoring Solutions offer sophisticated data analysis capabilities such as trend analysis, anomaly identification, and predictive analytics. These capabilities allow businesses to make more informed decisions, recognize patterns, foresee trends, and handle concerns proactively, resulting in more efficient and productive operations.

How does Monitoring Solutions contribute to a safer working environment?

Ans: Monitoring Solutions enhances working safety by monitoring environmental conditions and adhering to safety protocols. Real-time warnings and notifications help professionals respond quickly to possible hazards, preventing accidents and providing a safer working environment.

How can monitoring solutions assist in compliance with industry regulations and standards?

Ans: Monitoring solutions assist compliance by continuously monitoring crucial metrics and generating the information needed for regulatory compliance. Tracking significant metrics automatically ensures that facilities fulfil industry standards, environmental regulations, and safety protocols, lowering the risk of non-compliance and the associated penalties.


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