Start Smart. Run Smart. With TeSys motor control

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TeSys Solutions

For almost a century, TeSys motor controls have driven the industry with innovations in motor protection, monitoring, and control.

It started with the introduction of the industry’s first BAR contactor in 1924, and today, the legacy of innovation is built into every TeSys motor control device. Best-in-class safety and reliability, plug-and-play architecture, and flexible functionality mean TeSys motor control solutions can meet your requirements across a wide range of applications, from the most common to the most advanced.

Wherever you are and anywhere your projects come together, you can trust Schneider Electric and TeSys contactors, circuit breakers, relays, and switches for unmatched reliability, complete compatibility with international standards, and the robust support of the Schneider Electric global supply network. Start smart, run smart and stay smart with TeSys motor controls.

TeSys is Superior Safety for All Industries

TeSys motor controls come with all of the isolation, protection and emergency handling you need to comply with international codes. High-contrast covers identify safety-critical devices to prevent inadvertent manual operation. Every TeSys contactor is both mechanically linked and equipped with mirror contacts for safety applications and wherever auxiliary contact state reliability is critical.


Ensure 24/7 availability of your HVAC system with reliable products that can reach high ambient temperatures without derating.


Decentralize the control cabinet of your conveyor line and benefit from up to 80% space reduction.


Make certain your generator starts even in the harshest conditions with robust TeSys solutions.


Optimize single or multidrive boosters for industry or infrastructure with energy and cost-effective solutions.


Keep pace with the most demanding, high-end packing applications with solutions that can perform 30 million AC53a electrical cycles, like TeSys H.

Oil and Gas

Keep your employees and assets safe and improve uptime in onshore and offshore applications: pipeline operations: LNG and natural gas processing: and refining and petrochemical applications.

Water and Wastewater

Optimize the treatment and delivery of safer water by reducing energy usage and lowering operating costs.

Food and Beverage

Serve your customers with environmentally friendly products to improve sustainability, efficiency, and flexibility, allowing you to adapt to changing customer habits.

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