Innovations in Environmental Monitoring with Onset

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Onset Environmental Monitoring

Onset, with its expertise in environmental monitoring, offers award-winning HOBO® and InTemp® brands’ data loggers, remote monitoring tools, and software solutions. These tools have been deployed globally to support experts across various monitoring applications.

From verifying green building performance and assessing renewable energy systems to informing agricultural and coastal research, Onset’s solutions cater to a diverse range of needs. They also facilitate streamlined monitoring of temperature-controlled environments and more, making Onset a trusted partner in environmental monitoring across soil, air, and water domains.

Soil Monitoring

Cost-effective HOBO monitoring systems give you the accurate microclimate, soil conditions, and water resource data you need to assess and act, influencing your decisions to increase yields, maximise profitability, and improve sustainable farming practices.

Onset offers a wide range of solutions for irrigation management, from wireless data loggers and weather stations to remote sensor networks.

HOBO MX Soil Moisture and Temperature Data Logger

HOBO MX Soil Moisture and Temperature Data Logger

Low-cost, fully integrated soil moisture loggers with Bluetooth wireless data offload. These loggers are ideal for researchers and growers looking for the accurate data they need to save water, improve crop yields, reduce harmful runoff, and protect ecosystems.

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The Importance of Soil Monitoring in Singapore

Controlling soil pollution is critical for ensuring clean water in Singapore, as pollutants in the soil can enter the water system via surface run-off or groundwater.

Soil pollution control in Singapore focuses on the careful application of approved pesticides to suppress termites. In addition, soil monitoring in Singapore includes measures to manage soil erosion and conserve soil to mitigate the effects of urbanisation and climate change. Soil erosion poses hazards such as the loss of fertile topsoil, reduced water quality, and increased flood vulnerability, emphasising the significance of taking proactive actions to protect soil health and water supplies.

Air Monitoring

HOBO monitoring solutions deliver accurate data to help you identify the root cause of building discomfort so you can correct conditions and maintain an optimal working environment.

HOBO Carbon Dioxide_Temp_RH Data Logger

HOBO Carbon Dioxide/Temp/RH Data Logger

Measures and records CO2 in buildings and other non-condensing environments. Works with our free HOBOconnect app for data access right from your mobile phone, tablet, or Windows computer when within 100 feet of the logger.

This logger also features a USB port so it can be used with a computer running HOBOware graphing & analysis software.

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The Importance of Air Monitoring in Singapore

Singapore’s air monitoring is critical due to variables such as urbanisation, industry, and geographic location, all of which render the city-state vulnerable to air pollution. The National Environment Agency (NEA) plays an important role in this regard by analysing and monitoring air quality data on a regular basis to ensure compliance with national air quality regulations and WHO guidelines.

Water Monitoring

HOBO data loggers are the cost-effective, reliable tools you need to monitor a broad range of water quality parameters, for countless applications.

Water Level 

The easy to use, reliable, affordable, and versatile HOBO data loggers are the trusted tools to help you protect and manage water storage and ecosystem health by monitoring water levels, from agriculture to aquatic ecology.

Water Temperature

From ocean depths of up to 11,000 meters…to cranberry bogs, affordable, easy-to-deploy HOBO water temperature data loggers remain the trusted tool for monitoring this most critical parameter.

Water Quality

Development and climate change are impacting our water bodies. Providing data critical to ensuring environmental compliance and implementing mitigation programs, HOBO data loggers are trusted worldwide for monitoring water resources.

HOBO Water Level Data Logger

HOBO Water Level Data Logger

The industry’s first water level data logger designed for convenient wireless setup and download via Bluetooth technology. Dramatically simplifies and lowers the cost of field data collection by providing wireless access to high-accuracy water level and temperature data right from a mobile phone, tablet, or Windows computer running Onset’s free HOBOconnect app.

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The Importance of Water Monitoring in Singapore

Singapore, despite its economic prosperity and modern infrastructure, faces significant challenges due to its limited water resources. As a small island city-state with no natural freshwater lakes or rivers, Singapore relies heavily on rainfall and imported water to meet its water needs. Water quality regulation is of paramount importance in Singapore due to its limited water resources and the need to ensure a sustainable and reliable water supply.

Products Worth Exploring

Onset RX3000

Onset RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station

Provides continuous logging for a broad range of energy and weather monitoring applications with up to ten smart sensors, optional analog sensors, water level sensors, relay modules, and wireless sensor motes.

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remote water level monitoring solution for stormwater, floodwater, irrigation, hydrologic, and environmental applications

Onset MicroRX Water Level Station

Provides continuous logging for a broad range of weather monitoring and microclimate applications with up to five plug-and-play smart sensor inputs.

Supports an easy-to-install water level sensor and integrated flow conversion for monitoring streams, lakes, wetlands, tidal areas, groundwater, and more.

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