Environmental Monitoring Made Easy with Aranet

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Aranet Environmental Monitoring

With over 20 years of experience in radio equipment engineering, the Aranet system stands out in the wireless sensor industry thanks to its strong security, top-notch support, ease of use, safety features, and exceptional battery life.

With its own secure communication protocols, easy setup, committed technical support, integrated software ecosystem, extended battery life, and dependable reputation, Aranet provides a special solution that is perfect for people who value security, network dependability, and ease of installation.

Soil Monitoring

Aranet utilises data on volumetric water content and electrical conductivity in the substrate to make data-driven decisions about irrigation and salinity management. Aranet delivers useful insights into irrigation efficiency by analysing drainage water measurements, allowing customers to optimise water usage and reduce the risk of soil salinity.

This approach allows for efficient irrigation procedures that are adapted to specific soil conditions, resulting in more sustainable water management and crop output.

Aranet Soil Moisture Sensor

Aranet Soil Moisture Sensor

A cost-effective solution for wireless soil moisture monitoring, designed to cater to various applications.

With an impressive 7-year battery life and a line-of-sight range of 3 km, this sensor provides reliable and long-term monitoring capabilities. Additionally, its cloud compatibility enhances data accessibility and management, making it a versatile and convenient tool for optimising irrigation delivery to plants.

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How Does the Aranet Soil Moisture Sensor Align with Singapore’s Soil Monitoring Efforts?

It contributes significantly to Singapore’s efforts to minimise soil contamination and provide clean water.

By monitoring soil moisture levels, the sensor aids in assessing soil health and reducing contamination that could affect water sources via surface runoff or groundwater. This is especially crucial in Singapore, where soil pollution prevention is based on carefully applying certified pesticides to control termites. Furthermore, the sensor helps to manage soil erosion and conserve soil, reducing the consequences of urbanisation and climate change.

The Aranet Soil Moisture Sensor enables preventive interventions to protect Singapore’s soil health and water resources by addressing threats such as loss of rich topsoil, lower water quality, and increased flood vulnerability.

Air Monitoring

Poor air quality can negatively affect your well-being and health. Aranet ecosystem offers a high quality monitoring solution to stop guessing and measure what’s important.

Aranet provides insights into building parameters such as air quality, temperature, energy consumption, and equipment operation, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Easy to install

Place wireless sensors where they are needed. No lengthy wires and drilling.

Identify issues sooner

Aranet sensors help you identify problems real-time so you can take immediate action.

Adapt to your needs

Scale your fleet as your premises grow without the need for extra support.

Aranet4 Indoor Air Quality Sensor

Aranet4 Indoor Air Quality Sensor

High accuracy: The non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR) inside Aranet4 ensures high precision measurements

Easy to use: Aranet4 is easy for anyone to use – the colour coding warns you when the air quality deteriorates

Aranet Home app: Connect your device to the app to view, track, and analyse data from over the past 90 days

Wireless and portable: The device can last up to 10 years, depending on the user’s selected measurement interval frequency

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How Does the Aranet4 Indoor Air Quality Sensor Align with Singapore’s Air Monitoring Efforts?

Its exceptional accuracy, enabled by the non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR), ensures exact measurements required to meet national air quality regulations.

The device’s ease of use, as seen by color-coded warnings about declining air quality, makes it accessible to everyone concerned about their interior environment.

Furthermore, its connection with the Aranet Home app enables users to easily track and analyse air quality data, supporting the NEA’s efforts to deliver real-time updates to the public.

The device’s wireless and portable nature, along with a long battery life of up to ten years, is consistent with Singapore’s emphasis on technology-driven solutions for sustainable urban living and environmental conservation.

Products Worth Exploring

Ambient light detection in all kind of building environment – offices, retail spaces, conference rooms and other places that require coordinated lighting solutions.

Aranet Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Sensor

When placed near the top of plants and exposed to unshaded, typical lighting conditions, this sensor performs several functions: it monitors the level of indoor light exposure for plants, measures greenhouse light transmissivity, and improves the use of artificial lighting by utilising natural light.

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The Aranet IR Plant Temperature Sensor offers exceptional accuracy and reliability, ensuring that you have the most accurate temperature readings for your plants.

Aranet IR Plant Temperature Sensor

Infrared thermometer for plant temperature measurement in the horticulture industry. This device, belonging to the PRO sensor series, includes Aranet Sub-GHz ISM band radio which wirelessly transmits sensor measurements to the Aranet PRO base station.

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