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Aranet4 Indoor Air Quality Sensor

Designed to monitor indoor air quality and ensure an optimal living and working environment, the COsensor measures the real CO2 gas content and provides precise measurements with the NDIR sensor. PM sensor measures PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10.

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Introducing Aranet4 Indoor Air Quality Sensor

Monitoring CO2 is smart

The Aranet4 air quality monitor can help you keep the indoor air healthy. Good air quality helps people maintain their general well-being, comfort, and productivity. Additionally, CO2 monitoring can be a good proxy of the ventilation of a shared indoor space. Proper ventilation of indoor spaces can help to mitigate the spread of respiratory diseases, such as COVID-19. CO2 is a gas produced when we exhale, so its concentration can be a good indicator of insufficient ventilation⁴, as well as aerosols and possibly virus particles potentially lingering in the air. Whether it’s for your general well-being or protection against COVID-19, Aranet4 will warn you when you need to ventilate and help you stay healthy.

High accuracy

The non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR) inside Aranet4 ensures high-precision measurements

Easy to use

Aranet4 is easy for anyone to use – the colour coding warns you when the air quality deteriorates

Aranet4 app

Connect your device to the app to view, track, and analyze data from over the past month

Wireless and portable

The device can last up to 10 years, depending on the user’s selected measurement interval frequency