Energy Monitoring Devices

Energy Monitoring Devices

We carry a range of energy monitoring devices, including power monitors, energy sensors, energy ropes, and more. These tools provide real-time data on energy consumption and electrical parameters, essential for effective energy management, optimisation, and sustainability in various applications – commercial buildings, manufacturing plants, data centres, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if there is a large discrepancy in measured values on the KM-N2-FLK Power Monitor?

Ans: Check the secondary and primary current of the CTs and ensure they match the circuit’s rated current values. Additionally, verify the phase and wire type for the measuring circuits, then adjust the settings accordingly.

Can I connect a PowerTag Ambient to a PowerTag Link?

Ans: No, the PowerTag Ambient (A9XST114) is not compatible with PowerTag Link (A9XMWD20 and A9XMWD100).

What is the recommended way to connect the PowerTag A9 F63 with products?

Ans: The best way to perform the connection of the PowerTag on the product is to place the blade terminal against the fixed part of the product’s screw terminal and to align the power wire behind the blade terminal.

What makes the Socomec Multis L50 Digital Panel Meter easy to use?

Ans: The Socomec Multis L50 Digital Panel Meter features a large backlit LCD display and multiple viewing screens with direct pushbutton access, providing clear readings and easy operation.

Is the Socomec Diris A-20 Series PMD compliant with any standards?

Ans: Yes, the Socomec Diris A-20 Series PMD complies with IEC 61557-12, a reference standard for PMDs (Performance Metering & Monitoring Devices), guaranteeing performance levels and satisfactory operation under typical industrial and tertiary environmental conditions.