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We offer the whole suite of robotic hardware from reputable partners, from the collaborative robots to various tools for different purposes. Collaborative Robots work safely alongside humans without safety fences, while Mobile Robots handle routine, labour-intensive material tasks. Electric Grippers can be automatically switched to perform various applications like palletising and welding, enhancing versatility and efficiency in automation processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SCARA mean and what do SCARA Robots do?

Ans: SCARA stands for Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm. These robots have four independent motion axes, positioning their tooling in terms of X, Y, Z, and Theta (rotation around the Z coordinate) within their work area. Consequently, SCARA robots excel in applications where parts need to move from one position to another without requiring extra articulation beyond rotation.

What is the difference between the i4L and i4H SCARA Robots?

Ans: The i4L and i4H SCARA Robots differ in performance capacity. The compact and adaptable i4L suits lightweight applications, with a maximum payload of 5kg. In contrast, the larger, high-performance i4H handles up to 15kg. Unlike the i4H, the i4L offers Ethernet connectivity for traditional controls and adapts to a wider range of applications.

What is the expected lifecycle of the CG series three-finger centric electric gripper?

Ans: Developed by DH-Robotics, the CG Series is an excellent solution for gripping cylindrical workpieces. It offers a long lifetime, performing continuously and stably for over 10 million cycles without maintenance.

Which tool gripper is suitable for large metal sheets?

Ans: The MG10 Magnetic Gripper by OnRobot is ideal for unusually shaped parts as well as large flat metal sheets. Unlike vacuum grippers, the OnRobot magnetic gripper leaves no marks and can handle perforated, abrasive, or dusty work pieces. In press-tending and bending applications.