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WERMA SmartMONITOR also known as the WERMA Wireless Andon Station is the smart MDC alternative (machine monitoring and data collection) for industrial companies looking for a way to quickly and easily gather reliable data to optimise manufacturing processes.


Werma is a German company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying signal technology products and systems. The company provides a range of products and solutions for visual and acoustic signalling and signalling systems. The theme of Werma Singapore is “Signal devices warn, guide and protect us”. Making work environment safer and better,  this made-in-Germany brand of tower lights is known for being reliable, sturdy and user-friendly in a wide range of industries.

Werma is a global operation with more than 310 employees in 7 different locations. The inventor of the modular signal tower system today supplies optical and audible devices to the general industry. Headquartered and established in 1950 in Germany, the family business is one of the leading companies and a technology leader in its sector. Recently its standard signal tower system has been transformed into a unique data collection and machine monitoring system available worldwide. For information about Werma, please feel free to browse their website here.

Products & Services

Some of the products offered by Werma include:

  1. Visual Signalling Devices – Products for visually signalling a wide range of industrial and safety signals, including LED beacons, LED stack lights, LED tower lights, and LED signals.
  2. Acoustic Signalling Devices – Products for acoustically signalling industrial and safety signals, such as horn speakers, sirens, and buzzers.
  3. Signal Towers – Combination devices that provide both visual and acoustic signals, including stack lights and tower lights.
  4. Signal Systems – Solutions for signalling and warning systems, including combination systems, central signalling systems, and alarm management systems.

Werma is known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. The company offers a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of customers in various industries and applications, including manufacturing, logistics, material handling, and process control.

The CleanSIGN signal tower has been specifically developed and certified for use in clean rooms, food and hygiene areas as well as the pharmaceutical industry
Werma ks72 tower light
a signal tower that, thanks to electronic modularity, sets new standards in terms of visibility, individuality and efficiency

CleanSIGN Pre-assembled Signal Tower

KS 72 Modular Signal Tower

eSIGN 15 Segments Signal Tower

WERMA Smart Monitoring System (Wireless Andon Station)

Smart Monitoring System (Wireless Andon Station)

Features of Werma Tower lights, Signal lights, Beacons and Wireless Andon Systems

Made in Germany – Manufactured in Germany, Werma tower signal lights are quality products armed with German engineering. Quality assurance is guaranteed.

Wide range of selection – From processing to manufacturing, Werma tower light provides a complete suite of tower light products that cater to each and every need of industrial customers. Featuring a comprehensive range of colours including blue, white, yellow, orange, red, green, etc, and carries a modular range as well as pre-assembled series. Accessories, mounting and fixtures are also available upon enquiry.

High visibilityWerma signal lights are designed with visibility in mind. They are highly visible from almost all angles and with no blind spots.

Easy and hassle-free installation – Most of the products are plug-and-play and designed to operate without the need for technical knowledge. Software is provided upon product purchase. Have peace of mind in the installation or retrofitting of your machines!

Our Offerings

LKH Precicon is the authorized distributor for Werma’s Signal Tower Lights and Wireless Andon Stations in Singapore. Throughout the years, LKH Precicon has helped many customers implement many smart monitoring solutions and systems that integrate with world-leading processes. Looking to integrate Werma into your Smart Monitoring Solution? Click on the below brochure for more information or contact us!

Introducing Werma Tower Light

Introducing Werma Smart Monitoring Solution


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