Omron Mobile Manipulator

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Omron Mobile Manipulator (MoMa)

Unlock Precision and Efficiency with Omron’s Mobile Manipulator (MoMa) – an innovative technology that transforms how you work by integrating cutting-edge mobility, precise manipulation, and intelligent automation.

The MoMa revolutionises your production processes, offering unmatched efficiency, exceptional quality, and unparalleled productivity.

MoMa Addresses Modern Manufacturing Challenges Succinctly

The MoMa is capable of deploying the most agile solutions to your factory’s needs. It also greatly reduces human errors and contamination in transporting high-value products such as wafer FOUP and lead frame cassettes.

Consistency in production

MoMa enhances capacity by up to 8% amid shift changes and breaks, industry feedback suggests.

Mitigate labour issues

MoMa effectively mitigates concerns such as costs incurred by labour.

Elimination of human error

Human errors, though reducible, impacts quality and downtime. Omron’s fleet management system strives for zero errors.

Clean environment

MoMa reduces particle generation and ESD risk in semiconductor manufacturing with steady motion.

MoMa is Safe by Design

The software interface facilitates risk assessment and is designed to promote a safer workplace.

MoMo safety features

Omron Fleet Operations Workspace (FLOW) Core

Omron Fleet Management System

The Omron Fleet Manager runs with the FLOW Core software, managing up to 100 robots in any configuration.

Omron FLOW Core Features

Omron MoMa Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance

Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance

Intelligent decision making and path planning by tracking on objects motion.

Omron MoMa Fleet Simulator

Fleet Simulator

Users can run simulations in a virtual environment based on their real workspace with up to 10 robots.

Omron MoMa Fleet Integration Tool Kit

Fleet Integration Tool Kit

Decrease in integration cost with use of industry standards with option of Restful, SQL, Rabbit MQ & ARCL.

Omron MoMa Hybrid Fleet Management

Hybrid Fleet Management

Greatly lower cost of installing fleets with diverse OMRON robot types. Increase fleet efficiency and job prioritisation using more intelligent traffic rules.

Omron MoMa User Interface with PC and Tablet

User Interface with PC and Tablet

Quick and simplify installation with robot call button functionality on Tablet. Integrator and customer can self program without additional cost incurred.

Applications of MoMa

Omron MoMa Material Carrier Transfer

Material Carrier Transfer

Example: Loading and unloading cassette, SMIF pod, Bins from tooling.

Omron MoMa Mobile Assembler

Mobile Assembler

Example: Intelligent robot to perform assembly around multiple workstations.

Omron MoMa Mobile Machine Trending

Mobile Machine Trending

Example: Trending of parts, handling dangerous tasks like Mobile High Voltage Test, Pressure Leak test on assembled goods.

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