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This Palletizing Solution is tailored for factories with limited space allocated, maximizing efficiency in constrained environments. The 2200mm maximum pallet height ensures versatile stacking options, accommodating various product dimensions. With a rapid cycle time of up to 13 cycles per minute, this solution excels in high-throughput operations, significantly enhancing production rates and provides a strategic advantage, enabling seamless integration into existing factory layouts and promoting a cost-effective utilization of valuable floor space.

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Palletizing is a tertiary process occurring immediately prior to warehousing and final shipping in the overall process. Steer clear of monotonous manual tasks and improve your employees' well-being now

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Environment Monitoring System

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Tower Light

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Circuit Breakers

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Power & Energy Management

Enhancement of electrical reliability and availability to buildings and facilities which ultimately helps in the cost-saving aspects of existing energy-related streams.

Robotics Complete Solution

Collaborative robots (Cobots) will help foster harmony between humans and machines through improvements in productivity, collaboration and efficiency.

Machine Digitalization

Turn old legacy machines into intelligent machines by adding smart capabilities which can communicate at the manufacturing plant level.

Compliance Testing Services & Consultation

Identify the weak points in your electrical systems and comply with international and in-house standards that are accredited by various regulatory bodies around the world.

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