LKH Precicon works closely with well-established partners to implement Power & Energy Management that suit the business nature of our clients in Singapore. We offer enhancement of electrical reliability and availability to buildings and facilities which ultimately help in the cost-saving aspects of existing energy-relate streams to analyze the power distribution systems across all energy-related properties in the building or facility.

Feel free to write to us and enquire about the service that you are looking for if you do not see your preferred solution on the list.

Some of the Power & Energy Management work that we are able to implement:

EcoStruxure Power gives you a comprehensive IoT-ready solution to protect people and assets, manage energy consumption and carbon emissions, and optimise building operations for comfort, continuity and performance.

Energy Management Software for Facility Managers

Driving building excellence with EcoStruxure™ Power As Singapore is moving towards sustainability and low-carbon efforts, public sector buildings and premises ...
ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager

ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager

What is ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager? ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager is the state-of-the-art cloud solution for ...
Utility Monitoring Solution

Utility Monitoring Solution

Learn how we digitize the data collection process of public utilities with our newest solution here ...

Why it is important:

  • The traditional Building-Management System (BMS) typically has no built-in ability to monitor or manage the power that drives electric-powered assets and systems like lighting, HVAC, and security
  • Problem with the power would mean little more than an inconvenience. Power problems create a major headache for most industrial facilities, commercial buildings, mining and heavy manufacturing industries
  • Without any management systems to monitor vital data on your power-distribution assets and network, owners and managers are at increased risk of outages and other power-related issues


  • All-new Power & Energy Management provides control over electric-powered assets and systems like lighting, HVAC, and security
  • Power & Energy Management enables you to do predictive maintenance with alerts that let you swap out potentially troublesome devices before they fail
  • Continuous monitoring and collection of electrical-system data make allocating costs, identifying improvement opportunities, and creating reports easy
  • Eliminating inefficiencies and providing a higher level of control over your power-distribution system can save 10% on utility bills, and can help cut overall operational costs by up to 30%
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