New Value for Control Panels

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Enhancing equipment functionality while maintaining equipment size

At sites that produce electronic parts on inspection lines in large volumes, early abnormality detection is crucial, for the failure of a single component or piece of equipment can affect the entire production line. As equipment becomes increasingly advanced, space within the panel is becoming less available.

Omrons Value Design for Panel products consume dramatically less space compared to their previous counterparts. In the case of a DC power supply circuit, for example, replacing thermomagnetic circuit protectors (CPs) with DC electronic CPs, as shown in the figure below, reduces width by approximately 50%, enhancing facility functionality while maintaining its size.


Swiftly identify and eliminate failures reliably


Power supply protection features kick in before thermomagnetic CPs can cut off failed circuits; output voltage drops, causing all circuits to fail.


Electronic CP immediately identifies failed circuits and selectively cuts it off


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